F.E.A.R.S. Cast



Freyja Grimmie, Eva, Annette, and Rivers live together in an apartment on Brimstone Avenue. They are ex-demons who have been kicked out of hell for performing good deeds on earth. Now, they are forced to blend into society, while hiding from Satan who is hunting them down for the stones which give them their life and powers as demons. If Satan finds them, he will strip them of their stones, ending their lives as demons while empowering his own.

The girls must face the struggles of everyday life, while keeping their true identities a secret. Each girl has a unique power they must learn to control and keep hidden. Together, they find themselves living in a modern-day world where angels and demons are often thought to be myth and legend. They stay hidden in their Grim Manor Apartment Complex on Brimstone Avenue. It is here they draw close as a family unit, attempting to discover the true meaning of what it is to be human. However, when Satan begins to uncover their whereabouts, they are forced out of their safe bubble and into reality where they must make a life changing choice: will they continue to do the one thing that banished them from hell in the first place, good deeds, or will they go back to their old life style?

F.E.A.R.S. explores the idea of beauty for ashes. Not being defined for who you were but who you are going to be. It deals with themes such as sisterhood, confronting your fears, and dealing with everyday issues through a fun, relatable way. It has a strong female cast and will hopefully be a series brought to life by non-other than yourself. With your help, support, and suggestions F.E.A.R.S. has the potential to go beyond your typical series, launching a new kind of viewer support that has never been seen before.